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The CDC’s Outlandish Lies About Mercury in Vaccines

The CDC’s Outlandish Lies About Mercury in Vaccines

by the Youngsters’s Well being Protection Group

Propaganda specialists have lengthy admitted that the “big lie” is a vital device for molding public opinion.

A psychological profile of Hitler carried out by the U.S. Workplace of Strategic Providers famous that one of many German chief’s “primary rules” was that “people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one” and “if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

CDC FACT SHEET— “The evidence is clear: thimerosal is not a toxin…”

The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) seems to agree that a massive and oft-repeated lie is a strong public relations software, as a result of in August, its Immunization Security Workplace posted a reality sheet that when once more insists that “thimerosal in vaccines is not harmful to children,” regardless of ample proof on the contrary.

The reality sheet trots out the identical handful of thimerosal-related research (“conducted by CDC or with CDC’s involvement”) that it has used for years to silence thimerosal critics.

Thankfully, a number of useful resource pages on the Youngsters’s Well being Protection web site make it straightforward to rebut the CDC’s regurgitated falsehoods.

Our web site supplies a thimerosal FAQ, info dispelling myths about thimerosal’s use in vaccines and countering false vaccine security claims (together with claims about thimerosal), evaluation of the flawed research that the CDC depends on to exonerate thimerosal from any position in the childhood epidemics of neurodevelopmental issues—and extra.

Under, we summarize three of the obvious causes to disregard the CDC’s newest try to tug the wool over the general public’s eyes.

Nonetheless harmful and neurotoxic

The CDC says “the evidence is clear” that thimerosal is “merely a preservative” and never a neurotoxin.

Nevertheless, nobody who truly takes the time to look at the scientific literature can rationally conclude that mercury in any type—together with the mercury in thimerosal—is protected for people.

The handful of CDC-funded or CDC-approved research listed in the thimerosal reality sheet stand “in sharp contrast to research conducted by independent researchers over the past 75+ years that have consistently found Thimerosal to be harmful”; this unbiased analysis has linked thimerosal to “neurodevelopmental disorders, …tics, …speech delay, language delay, attention deficit disorder, and autism.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s guide, Thimerosal: Let the Science Converse, describes a whole lot of peer-reviewed scientific publications and the “broad consensus among research scientists that Thimerosal is a dangerous neurotoxin.”

The CDC falsely claims that “thimerosal was taken out of childhood vaccines in the United States in 2001.”

Nevertheless, 25 micrograms of thimerosal stay in most of the influenza vaccines administered in the U.S., together with to pregnant ladies and infants.

In reality, “thimerosal wasn’t so much removed as it was moved around.”

Fraudulent authors

All eight research included in the CDC reality sheet contain lead or co-authors accused of fraud or recognized to have been concerned in behind-closed-doors knowledge manipulation or weighed down by critical conflicts of curiosity.

Dr. William Thompson, who authored three of the research in his former capability as a senior CDC vaccine security scientist, made a whistleblower deposition to Congressman William Posey and issued statements by means of his private lawyer about fraud and destruction of knowledge on the CDC.

In certainly one of his most egregious examples, Thompson reported that his bosses, together with Department Chief Frank DeStefano (an writer on three of the research included in the very fact sheet), ordered Thompson and different CDC scientists to eliminate knowledge demonstrating vaccine-induced autism. As described beforehand by Youngsters’s Well being Protection:

“DeStefano called his four co-authors into a room and ordered them to dump the damning datasets into a giant garbage can. The published study omitted those datasets.”

The bulk of Thompson’s whistleblowing revelations occurred in 40-plus telephone conversations and over 10,000 pages of paperwork shared with Dr. Brian Hooker.

In these conversations, Thompson additionally said that CDC officers “worked hard” to “dilute Dr. Thompson’s strong and statistically significant finding…that thimerosal exposure via infant vaccines causes tics in boys.”

The truth is, Thompson requested Hooker to “start a campaign to publicize the fact that multiple CDC-sanctioned publications show that thimerosal causes tics.”

Along with the research authored by Thompson and DeStefano, two of the papers held out by the CDC as definitive proof of thimerosal’s innocence are 2003 research authored by Thomas Verstraeten and Paul Stehr-Inexperienced—two members on the notorious secret assembly held in Simpsonwood in 2000 to debate the connection between publicity to thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurological injury in youngsters.

Each Verstraeten and Stehr-Inexperienced have been closely concerned in making an attempt to make a transparent affiliation between thimerosal and neurodevelopmental results appear unimportant.

Though the Verstraeten research nonetheless went on to report “statistically significant associations between thimerosal and language delays and tics,” the CDC reality sheet dismisses the associations as “weak” and “not consistent.”

Massaged knowledge

As outlined beforehand by Youngsters’s Well being Protection and others, and as indicated in the previous sections, there are a selection of causes to not belief the outcomes of the eight research included in the CDC reality sheet—together with CDC funding and different conflicts of curiosity in addition to misguided and fraudulent reporting of knowledge.

The desk under summarizes the research’ main issues.

1. 2. The CDC reality sheet consists of the Stehr-Inexperienced research twice, formatting the research barely in another way in every of the 2 rows; though the duplication is instantly obvious to the attentive reader, an off-the-cuff reader may conclude that the CDC had 9 slightly than eight research at its disposal.

Missing credibility

At this juncture, with over 80 research connecting the dots between thimerosal and autism alone, and new research showing day by day that hyperlink different vaccine elements comparable to aluminum to the continual sickness epidemics beleaguering right now’s youngsters, the CDC has misplaced all credibility when it makes poorly substantiated claims about thimerosal or vaccine security.

An company that buys and sells properly over $four billion of vaccines yearly clearly has a vested curiosity in tamping down any dialogue of vaccine dangers.

Thankfully, the general public more and more acknowledges that the CDC’s “fact sheets” lies have to be learn with a big grain of salt.

Learn the complete article at the Youngsters’s Well being Protection Staff.

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