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Public Waking up to Fact that 5G has not been Proven Safe for Human Health

Fantasy island floating in the air with 5G network wireless systems and internet of things , Smart city and communication network concept .

Fantasy island floating in the air with 5G network wireless systems and internet of things , Smart city and communication network concept .

by John P. Thomas
Health Impression Information

Whereas telecom corporations are shifting full velocity forward to put up tens of millions of small cell towers for their new 5G (fifth era) mobile communication system in the USA, the general public is waking up to the very fact that 5G has not been confirmed protected for human well being.

The well being considerations truly go far past the 5G cell towers that are being positioned roughly each 500 ft on the streets of America’s city areas. It has now been revealed that 20,000 satellites will probably be quickly put into orbit across the Earth to broadcast 5G microwave radiation over each sq. foot of floor on our planet. 

As has been mentioned in my earlier articles concerning the 5G mobile microwave communication system, it is going to be a lot quicker than the present 3G and 4G methods. Nevertheless, it’ll use a a lot greater frequency vary within the electromagnetic power spectrum. These frequencies within the gigahertz spectrum have not been used for public communication. And these millimeter frequencies have not been examined for security.

5G Phased Array Antennas will Shoot Beams of Radiation at Individuals and Gear

The 5G communication system will use phased array antennas, which can shoot beams of microwaves at 5G telephones and different gear containing 5G capabilities comparable to new computer systems, cars, and Wi-Fi hubs.

The beams of microwave radiation will comply with an individual who’s holding a 5G telephone or who’s shifting with one in every of these telephones on his or her physique. These beams of radiation have to be robust sufficient to penetrate partitions and human flesh comparable to arms and heads, since you gained’t know the course from which the microwave beam is coming.

The beams of non-ionizing microwave radiation utilized by this know-how even have to be robust sufficient to move by means of the our bodies of different individuals who may occur to stroll between an individual utilizing a telephone and the tower that is beaming the microwave sign at them.

5G smartphones will broadcast and obtain microwave alerts that are 10 occasions stronger than the present 4G smartphones. Wi-Fi techniques utilizing 5G will use microwave alerts that are 150 occasions stronger than a 4G telephone. [8] 

Don’t Fear – the FCC Says it’s Safe

Regardless of the shortage of testing to show that 5G is protected, telecom corporations and the Federal Communications Fee (FCC) are in settlement that nobody ought to fear about well being results of 5G.

Their recommendation to the American public is predicated on assumptions that have been made in 1998.

However, the analysis at that time was questionable as a result of it solely examined well being considerations associated to the heating impact of the microwave radiation.

Background on 5G and different Radio Frequency Health Dangers

This text will take a look at a few of the latest details about microwave radiation dangers and the considerations that are being raised by those that have been learning this type of non-ionizing radiation.

For many who are new to this matter, chances are you’ll want to learn a few of my earlier articles about well being considerations associated to radio frequency air pollution to get hold of background details about 5G and different wi-fi communication techniques resembling Wi-Fi.

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Radiation from 2G and 3G Mobile Techniques is Related to Most cancers in Male Rats

In a ten-year research of rats and mice carried out by the Nationwide Toxicology Undertaking (NTP), authorities scientists in collaboration with non-government scientists concluded that there’s “clear evidence” of an affiliation between microwave radiation publicity from what is called the second era (2G) and third era (3G) cellular phone methods and the formation of most cancers within the hearts of male rats. [1]

2G and 3G are nonetheless getting used for cellular phone voice calls and textual content messaging.  

NTP scientists use a 4 degree score system for describing the diploma of affiliation between publicity and hurt to well being. Their score system signifies: clear proof (highest affiliation with hurt), some proof, equivocal proof, and no proof of affiliation (lowest). [1]

Their November 2018 ultimate report discovered that there was clear affiliation between publicity to 2G and 3G microwave frequency radiation with the formation of most cancers in rats. [1]

These authorities scientists gained’t say that radiation from 2G and 3G mobile know-how “causes” most cancers in rats or in people.

To these of us on the surface of scientific laboratories, it positive seems like publicity causes most cancers and quite a few different critical sicknesses. (See my earlier articles for particulars.)

I base my conclusion on hundreds of analysis articles that have been revealed during the last a number of many years and the conclusions reached by lots of of physicians and scientists [2, 3], which clearly present critical danger to human beings once we are uncovered to non-ionizing radiation from mobile methods.

When the NTP started their research 10 years in the past, 5G did not exist. Thus, NTP scientists made it very clear of their report revealed in November of 2018 that their findings say nothing concerning the security or dangers of 5G or Wi-Fi methods.

So, right here we’re on the finish of 2018 with 5G radio frequency radiation techniques being put in in lots of cities throughout America, and nobody has studied the security of this new know-how.

If there’s clear proof that microwave radiation publicity from 2G and 3G is related to rat most cancers, then this must be a shiny purple flag that ought to alert us to the potential danger from the most recent 5G mobile system.

I need to marvel if we may have to wait ten extra years whereas authorities scientists research 5G and Wi-Fi earlier than they conclude that there’s clear proof of danger from these methods. Based mostly on the potential of microwave radiation in 2G and 3G techniques to trigger hurt, there isn’t a purpose to assume that the millimeter microwave radiation utilized in 5G might be protected. 

It’s not a farfetched assumption, based mostly on the shortage of 5G analysis, to conclude that there shall be a fair larger degree of well being dangers related to the shut proximity to the brand new 5G small cell tower and phased array antennas. Proof is mounting that 5G can be very harmful for adults and particularly for youngsters.

FCC regulators are ignoring the precautionary precept and are doing nothing to slowdown the implementation of 5G whereas they research the security of this technique.

Because it stands proper now, telecom corporations are operating full velocity forward to set up their 5G system despite the fact that the well being dangers of that system have not been studied.

What number of tens of millions of individuals can be sickened, and what number of will die earlier than the 5G system is studied? The system could possibly be absolutely carried out in lots of city areas earlier than the research even get off the bottom.

Pediatricians are Involved about Childhood Publicity to Wi-fi Radiation 

The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has added its collective voice to those that have been advocating for analysis into cellphone security. The AAP contacted the Federal Communication Fee (FCC) in 2012 to ask that they reopen their research of cellphone security. Since then, they’ve been warning of potential hurt to youngsters. [4]

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the most important US medical affiliation of pediatricians and pediatric specialists, recommends that the US authorities tighten wi-fi publicity limits and that the general public scale back youngsters’s publicity to cell telephones and different units that emit wi-fi radiation. [4]

The AAP reminds mother and father:

Youngsters are not simply little adults; their rising minds and our bodies make them uniquely weak to the consequences of the surroundings round them, together with cellphone radiation.

As a result of know-how is being adopted by youngsters at youthful ages than ever earlier than, it’s much more essential to examine if cellphone utilization is a well being hazard. [5]

The AAP notes that the FCC has not revised the usual for cellphone radiation since 1996. They’re involved that the FCC “safety levels” have been based mostly on giant grownup our bodies and did not think about the consequences on youngsters. The AAP signifies that youngsters’s skulls are thinner and may take up extra radiation. [5]

These physicians are encouraging mother and father to restrict cellular phone use for youngsters and youngsters. They level out that cell telephones are not toys, and are not advisable for infants and toddlers to play with. They advocate that mother and father restrict youngsters’s display time and restrict their publicity to cell telephones and different units that emit radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF). [5]

Members of Congress Query the FCC about 5G Security

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut and Home Consultant Anna Eshoo from California despatched a letter to Brendan Carr on the FCC. They’re asking the FCC to show that 5G is protected.

An article revealed within the CT Mirror said:

Senator Richard Blumenthal is main a marketing campaign to decide whether or not new “5G” wi-fi know-how is protected and is asking the federal authorities for proof the leading edge radio frequency does not pose well being dangers – together with most cancers.

Senator Blumenthal stated the brand new know-how “offers the tremendous promise of higher speeds and reliability. — But there is also a peril of health hazards associated with radio frequency that is higher and requires more transmitters and antennas,” he stated.

In his letter to Carr, the senator stated “most of our current regulations regarding radio frequency safety were adopted in 1996 and have not yet been updated for next generation equipment and devices.” [6]

This type of intervention is essential, as a result of the FCC is clearly underneath the management of telecom corporations, and the FCC does the bidding of company pursuits. Solely Congressional motion at this level can flip the FCC round.

5G from Area

5G know-how and area exploration corporations are additionally shifting ahead with the creation of a system of satellites that will use phased array antennas and millimeter microwave frequencies to talk with 5G gear on the bottom. They intend to launch 20,000 satellites over the subsequent few years.

Their methods are not particularly referred to as 5G, however they may include all of the elements of 5G and function in the identical means as ground-based 5G.

The satellite tv for pc system will present telecommunication protection over each sq. foot of the Earth. There will probably be nowhere to disguise from being uncovered to this type of microwave radiation.

What Occurred when the First Satellite tv for pc Telephone System was Turned-on?

At current, there are satellite-based cellular phone suppliers who use present era mobile methods to serve their clients. On the day that the primary of those satellite tv for pc techniques was activated, there have been hundreds of people that had bodily reactions to the sudden improve in microwave exercise of their surroundings.

Arthur Firstenberg, a researcher, author, and advocate for defending individuals from publicity to wi-fi communication alerts described what occurred when the primary space-based mobile system was turned on. He said:

On September 23, 1998, 66 satellites, launched into low orbit by the Iridium Company, commenced broadcasting to the primary ever satellite tv for pc telephones.

These telephones would work equally as properly in mid-ocean, and in Antarctica, as in the midst of Los Angeles—a exceptional achievement.

However phone interviews revealed that on that day precisely, electrically delicate individuals everywhere in the world skilled stabbing pains of their chest, knife-like sensations of their head, nosebleeds, bronchial asthma assaults, and different indicators of extreme electrical sickness. Many did not assume they have been going to make it. 

Statistics revealed by the Facilities for Illness Management reveal that the nationwide demise price rose four to 5 % throughout the next two weeks. 

Hundreds of homing pigeons misplaced their method throughout these two weeks, everywhere in the United States. [7]

What ought to we anticipate when the 5G Floor and 5G Satellite tv for pc Methods are Turned-On?

Properly — nobody is aware of. That is one other grand experiment on humanity to see what is going to occur.

Mega-size telecommunication corporations have taken management over the FCC, which is meant to shield the general public from hurt.

In consequence, the FCC will do nothing to insure that 5G is protected. As well as, the FCC has established laws that forestall individuals from making an attempt to slow-down or cease the implementation of 5G on the native or state degree.

It is going to take motion by congress to demand that analysis be completed to show that 5G is protected. Given the hundreds of research that have already been accomplished on different sort of radio frequency hazards, it is extremely uncertain that any properly designed scientific research might present that 5G might be innocent to adults or to youngsters, so we shouldn’t anticipate to see the outcomes of 5G security research for a few years to come, until there’s a robust outpouring of public and congressional strain on the FCC.

Please contact your representatives in Congress and ask them to demand that analysis be achieved on 5G security earlier than there may be any additional implementation of 5G techniques in america.

Conclusion – Desirous about the Future

Please give critical thought to not getting on the 5G bandwagon. There shall be large promoting campaigns within the months and years to come, designed to get everybody to change over to 5G telephones. You don’t have to chew the bait. 4G smartphones and 3G telephones for voice and texting are sufficient for on a regular basis use.

We don’t want 5G know-how to reside comfortable and productive lives!

You may even contemplate whether or not this can be a good time to simply flip off your mobile service and stay a much less hectic life. You may be a part of the small minority of people who find themselves minimizing their microwave publicity by merely dwelling with no cellular phone of any sort.

It is necessary to contemplate that the demand for higher mobile service is not coming from shoppers, however from mega-corporations who’re making an attempt to create a market for a brand new set of merchandise.

It’s not actually about higher service, however about larger profitability for firms who don’t thoughts killing off individuals with microwave radiation so as to flip higher income.

It’s also about making a system that will allow central management over each facet of human life.

5G is not a imaginative and prescient of one thing higher, however an omen of one thing a lot worse.

Concerning the Writer

John P. Thomas is a well being author for Health Impression Information. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the College of Michigan, and a Grasp of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the Faculty of Public Health, Division of Health Administration, on the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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