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Pedophilia Crimes Against Children Inside and Outside the Church – Time to Acknowledge the Child Sex Trafficking Problem

first baptist church hammond indiana sex abuse

first baptist church hammond indiana sex abuse

Commentary by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Well being Influence Information

Earlier this yr Well being Impression Information investigative reporter John P. Thomas started a collection of articles on youngster intercourse trafficking inside the Roman Catholic Church. See:



The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves

Whistleblowing Clergymen Killed to Forestall Exposing Pedophilia Problem in the Catholic Church?

Pedophilia in Non-Catholic Church buildings

Different Christians who usually are not a part of the Catholic Church is perhaps tempted to consider that such horrible crimes might by no means occur of their specific church or denomination.

Nevertheless, the Star Telegram in Fort Value, Texas has lately revealed a collection of articles overlaying an Eight-month investigation in the Unbiased Elementary Baptist Church buildings throughout the U.S. displaying that sexual abuse towards youngsters has been rampant and coated up for years. See:

A whole lot of intercourse abuse allegations present in elementary Baptist church buildings throughout U.S.

These ‘men of God’ sexually abused youngsters. Then they discovered refuge at different church buildings

‘My earliest memory of being molested was when I was 4 years old. It was Sunday school’

In accordance to their investigative group:

A group of 4 (Katie Bernard, Jenna Farhat, Cortlynn Stark and Sorayah Zahir) searched information stories and courtroom filings from throughout the nation for instances of abuse. Star-Telegram reporter Kaley Johnson put in dozens of data requests for police reviews and courtroom instances.

The Star-Telegram additionally reviewed courtroom paperwork, emails, notarized statements, textual content messages, notes from contemporaneous conversations, Bible school class materials and books written by unbiased elementary Baptist pastors.

The Star-Telegram counted 187 unbiased elementary Baptist church buildings and affiliated establishments that had been affected by sexual abuse allegations. The Star-Telegram included in its rely church buildings the place alleged abusers had served earlier than or after alleged abuse occurred as a result of the allegations might have an effect on the congregants.

Every establishment was counted solely as soon as, even when it had a number of abusers.

The Star-Telegram discovered 412 sexual misconduct allegations. A few of the alleged abusers have just one allegation towards them; others have accusers in the double-digits. Forty-five alleged abusers have been permitted to proceed serving in the ministry after allegations have been introduced to church officers, even typically regulation enforcement.

In all, the Star-Telegram interviewed over 200 individuals: Pastors, ex-pastors, ex-members, present members, theologians, individuals who stated they’d been abused and individuals who had been convicted of intercourse crimes.

Church buildings, each Catholic and non-Catholic Christian church buildings, are an enormous a part of the baby intercourse trafficking drawback in the U.S.

These spiritual establishments obtain vital authorities funding for foster care and adoption providers, which we have now reported for years now’s a Child Trafficking multi-billion greenback enterprise using a whole lot of hundreds of individuals. See:

The U.S. Foster Care System: Trendy Day Slavery and Child Trafficking

Child Kidnapping and Trafficking: A Profitable U.S. Enterprise Funded by Taxpayers

Church-sponsored organizations, most additionally receiving vital authorities funds, are mandatory for the State to proceed taking youngsters away from mother and father and placing them into the profitable foster care and adoption system. Listed here are a couple of samples, for instance, of Baptists collaborating in the foster care enterprise:

Free Will Baptist Children’s Residence

Florida Baptist Children’s Houses

Houston’s First Baptist Church 

We aren’t accusing any of those organizations for wrong-doing, or denying that they do present some beneficial providers to their communities, we’re merely mentioning that youngsters are being sexually abused in a corrupt foster care and adoption baby trafficking enterprise, and that features church buildings.

Earlier this yr, Lisa Wheeler of the Nationwide Evaluate revealed a commentary entitled “Pro-Life Should Include Foster Care, Too,” criticizing American church buildings for not collaborating extra in state-sponsored foster care packages.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that church buildings are a part of the drawback, not the answer, once they permit youngsters to be trafficked, particularly to pedophiles. See:

State-funded Foster Care and The Church: A part of the Problem, NOT A part of the Answer

It’s doubtless that many well-intentioned church members are largely unaware of the abuses occurring in the foster care and adoption system. As Texas Decide Janis Graham Jack has written in her ruling that the State of Texas’ foster care system is unconstitutional, abuses inside the system (only a few youngsters are faraway from their households due to “abuse”) are “the norm:”

Texas’s PMC (Everlasting Managing Conservatorship) youngsters have been shuttled all through a system the place rape, abuse, psychotropic treatment, and instability are the norm.


Decide Condemns Texas Foster Care System that Abuses Children as Unconstitutional

Time for the Public to Wake Up and Perceive that Child Sex Trafficking is a Large Problem, NOT a Conspiracy Concept

As we now have investigated the drawback of kid intercourse trafficking, we’ve got found that the drawback reaches to the most elite members of society, and that they rely upon the public not understanding what is occurring, or minimizing it and excusing most stories as “Conspiracy theories.”

In response to this drawback, we just lately coated the assembly earlier this yr in Westminster, London by The Worldwide Tribunal for Pure Justice (ITNJ), as the courtroom convened over a Three-day interval to launch their Judicial Fee of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. See:

800Okay Children in the U.S. Lacking Every Yr – Worldwide Tribunal Exposes Pedophilia Problem – Victims Testify of Child Sex Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Subsequently, in the third installment of John P. Thomas’ investigative reviews into youngster intercourse trafficking, we search to assist the public perceive the full scope of this horrific drawback.

This drawback will proceed to exist till sufficient individuals in the public get up and determine one thing wants to be executed to cease this drawback.

by John P. Thomas
Well being Influence Information

Until the nature of legal and immoral actions reminiscent of baby trafficking, baby torture, baby rape, trauma-based thoughts management programming, and baby blood sacrifices on the altars of Devil are clearly understood, it is going to be troublesome to intervene in the darkish system that’s consuming maybe as many as Eight million youngsters in the world yearly. [1] 

There’s No Child Love in Pedophilia

Acts of kid molestation are generally referred to as pedophilia. Pedophilia is outlined as “child love.” Clearly this time period is a misnomer – there’s nothing loving about raping youngsters, feeding youngsters into the intercourse commerce, torturing youngsters and utilizing thoughts management methods to flip them into slaves, or tying them to altars the place they’re gang raped prior to being mutilated and killed as an providing to Devil. [1, 2]

Thus, I can’t use the phrase pedophilia on this article, however as an alternative will name the perpetrators of such evil – pedovores, as a result of they eat youngsters. One other time period that I’ll use for these individuals is paedo-predators, as a result of they prey upon youngsters like snakes or wild beasts prey upon the animals they kill and eat.

Pedovores use youngsters as consumable merchandise. They freely use them for his or her sexual gratification, for his or her monetary achieve, and for Satanic rituals.

This text is the subsequent installment in the collection about youngster molestation and the predators who destroy the lives of youngsters. The primary two articles targeted on the scandals rocking the Catholic Church.

What our analysis has uncovered is that the situation of predators destroying the lives of youngsters are far more widespread than we ever imagined.

The Exercise of Paedo-Predators goes Far past the Roman Catholic Church

The RCC and different spiritual establishments usually are not the solely perpetrators of crimes towards youngsters. Children are abused in quite a few secret societies, in the CIA and different authorities businesses, in many various spiritual organizations, in households, and in each conceivable program that has been designed to serve the wants of youngsters.

Child protecting providers and each the regulation enforcement and judicial methods not often shield youngsters from this abuse, and sadly they typically include pedovore rings of abusers who perpetrate these crimes towards the youngsters they’re sworn to shield, whereas defending the pedovores. [1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 15]

Warning – Grownup Content material

The rest of this text incorporates graphic and ugly descriptions of what occurs to youngsters. I can’t sanitize the fact to make the crimes appear much less horrific. 

Varieties of Crimes Pedovores Commit towards Children

These crimes might be roughly organized into 4 classes, although there’s most definitely overlap between the crimes: (1) youngster molestation, (2) baby pornography and prostitution, (Three) youngster sacrifice, and (four) trauma-based thoughts management slavery.

I can’t be discussing youngster pressured labor for manufacturing, the harvesting of organs from youngsters for transplantation, involuntary medical experimentation, or the use of kid troopers in warfare, as a result of I want to restrict the scope of those articles.

Kidnapping and promoting/trafficking youngsters are additionally crimes, which go hand in hand with a few of the different crimes towards youngsters. It’s the starting level for the horrors of abuse that comply with.

1. Child Molestation

These youngsters are fondled, uncovered to numerous types of sexual exercise, and anally, orally or vaginally raped.

These youngsters often reside in native communities with their mother and father or caregivers and are victimized by pedovores who additionally reside in the similar communities. They’re often launched by pedovores after molestation. Typically youngsters are killed, however not often.

The complete extent of injury brought on by molestation is usually not instantly seen.

Molestation is sort of a sluggish appearing poison – it permeates each facet of a kid’s life for a few years to come.

As these youngsters mature their lives can be marked by dysfunctional relationships, depressions, low vanity, distorted views of intercourse, distrust of adults, and immune system suppression which ultimately unfolds in long-term persistent sickness. [5, 6] 

2. Child Pornography and Prostitution 

Children are kidnapped and trafficked into the worldwide intercourse commerce. They are often raped by the hour and might solely stay a couple of years earlier than the bodily and emotional injury is so extreme that their captors merely kill them, as a result of they’re not helpful or worthwhile. [1]

They’re used to make baby pornography movies and probably baby “snuff films.” Snuff movies present precise movie footage of individuals being raped, tortured, and killed to stimulate the sexual pleasure of those that buy the movies on the darkish net.

You gained’t discover hyperlinks to actual snuff movies in an web search since they’re recordings of felony actions. Because of this, there’s appreciable propaganda that means that snuff movies simply don’t exist. [7]

Proof, nevertheless, is robust that recordings of youngsters being tortured, raped, and killed are being made for top worth purchasers who pays a number of thousand dollars per video. [8]

Three. Child Torture and Sacrifice

Different youngsters are kidnapped and channeled into darkish occult actions the place they’re destroyed and consumed in Satanic rituals. Their lives are taken on altars devoted to Devil, Lucifer, Moloch, and different “gods” of darkness. 

The sacrificial ritual often begins with gang raping of the youngster. Children are additional tortured by chopping, stabbing, and different kinds of mutilation designed to trigger ache and intense worry, which produces excessive ranges of adrenaline in the blood.

Typically the adrenalin-rich blood is consumed by the pedovores to get an intense adrenalin rush. The pedovores might take pleasure in watching the baby bleed to demise or they could hasten the means of dying by dismemberment.

Typically infants are burned alive as sacrifices devoted to Moloch as has been executed for greater than Three,000 years. (Eight)

four. Trauma-Based mostly Thoughts Management Slavery

Extraordinarily refined methods of bodily torture and emotional abuse are used to break the consciousness of youngsters into items to create youngsters with a number of personalities.

The simplest programming occurs throughout the first 6 or 7 years of life. Programming typically begins in the womb with electroshock abuse. [3]

The programing is designed to create a everlasting alternative for the true self. The slave is meant to obey their “handlers” and the wants of their secret organizations. A handler is an individual who manages, screens, and fortifies the thoughts management course of to make sure the programming doesn’t fail. [3, 9]

Compassion, empathy, unbiased considering, and love for others is pushed far underground in order that the lives of the mind-controlled slave might be dominated by greed and lust for energy, and obedience to their handlers. [3]

Typically the aim of thoughts management programmers is to create a slave with a number of personalities who may have a number of lives, that are meant to be utterly disconnected from each other.

These victims are managed by handlers who keep the programming and set up duties for the slave to full. The handlers are in a position to use the programing to drive the slave to change from one character (alter) to one other and do the bidding of the handler. [9, 10]

The thoughts management methods used with youngsters have been enhanced after World Struggle II via analysis accomplished underneath the CIA’s MK-Extremely program. Former Nazi researchers, reminiscent of Josef Mengele, have been introduced to the United States by means of Undertaking Paperclip to mastermind and refine these methods. [9, 10]

Features of Thoughts Managed Slaves

Thoughts-controlled youngsters are used as intercourse slaves, presidential degree blackmailers, drug smugglers, excessive profile entertainers, and world class athletes. [10]

Once they attain maturity, they occupy positions in each career. They generally function college school, excessive degree spiritual leaders, company executives, mainstream media staff, and for numerous different duties that management and form the considering and conduct of common society. They’re additionally referred to as Monarch slaves or simply Monarchs. [3, 9]

In the excessive, thoughts management programmers search to provide the networks of sure secret Satanic elite teams with a race of mind-controlled zombies. They perform as senseless assassins, crazed gunmen, and brokers provocateurs. [9]

The Funding in Creating Thoughts Managed Slaves is In depth 

It takes a few years to program a Monarch thoughts management slave. Thus, these youngsters are meant to keep underneath the management of their handlers for a lifetime [3] or till they’re deemed unfit for the work.

Some are scheduled for being killed at their 30th birthday. [9] Typically they’re used as Satanic sacrificial victims when they’re not seen as priceless.

Typically Thoughts Management Programing Fails 

It is crucial to notice that despite the fact that trauma-based thoughts management programming involving torture and repeated rape is meant to final for a lifetime, it may fail when unanticipated occasions set off the launch of reminiscences.

When this occurs, reminiscences of trauma, abuse, and actions dedicated as slaves start to move into the consciousness of the true self. Typically the course of begins with unexplainable nightmares or vivid reminiscence fragments that pop into the thoughts.

The recollection and assimilation of hidden reminiscences is usually a really messy course of with intense emotional volatility. An individual may assume she or he goes insane as horrific reminiscences are re-experienced.

The restoration of a unified consciousness (single character) may be achieved by way of the use of varied deprogramming methods and with the help of loving helpers. [3, 9, 10]

How Many Children Go Lacking Every Yr?

The precise numbers of youngsters who’re molested, trafficked, sacrificed on altars, and subjected to trauma-based thoughts management yearly are not straightforward to decide.

In accordance to the Nationwide Middle for Lacking and Exploited Children, there are 800,000 youngsters who go lacking yearly in the United States. [11] 

Worldwide, the estimate is Eight million lacking youngsters. [1] 

A few of these youngsters might ultimately be discovered, however many others disappear and not using a hint. 

There are only a few mainstream information tales about the matter of lacking youngsters. The tales and web articles on the matter appear to downplay the numbers by saying that the majority all of the youngsters that go lacking are ultimately discovered and solely a really tiny quantity are gone endlessly, as a result of most lacking youngsters are the results of disputes between separated/divorced mother and father. [11]

Numbers of Unreported Lacking and Abused Children

The estimate of 800,000 youngsters in the United States doesn’t embrace youngsters with out delivery certificates.

When breeders produce youngsters for Satanic sacrifices, they don’t get hold of delivery certificates for them. This quantity additionally doesn’t embrace planeloads of unregistered youngsters who’re illegally introduced into the United States by means of the clandestine actions of presidency/army operations and different black-market enterprises. [1]  

This quantity additionally doesn’t embrace the lots of of hundreds of youngsters who’re voluntarily subjected to trauma-based thoughts management by their mother and father or care-givers. These youngsters aren’t lacking.

They’re intensely emotionally and bodily tortured throughout the programming course of that takes place for the first 6 or 7 years of their lives. [3]

The FBI indicated that it acquired 464,324 lacking youngsters reviews in 2017. [12]

The Nationwide Middle for Lacking and Exploited Children (NCMEC) indicated that they responded to Three,633 stories of attainable baby intercourse trafficking in 2017. [13] 

However what about the different 335,000 out of the estimated 800,000 youngsters who go lacking yearly? These youngsters weren’t reported to the FBI.

What occurred to them? The reality is that we simply don’t know.

Estimates from individuals who have investigated Satanic ritual homicide point out that 50,000 youngsters are sacrificed yearly [15, 16]

Is the Estimate of 800,000 Lacking Children Truly a a lot Decrease Quantity than Actuality?

It’s estimated that greater than 30-million Devil worshipers take part in numerous secret societies in the United States. These individuals topic their youngsters to trauma-based thoughts management, which sooner or later will embrace every of their youngsters witnessing the sacrifice of a kidnapped baby as a key a part of the thoughts management programming course of. [3, 16]

In lots of cities, the highly effective positions occupied by paedo-predators in regulation enforcement, in the legal justice system, in the juvenile courtroom system, and in Child Protecting Providers make it almost inconceivable to use these organizations to tackle the crimes towards youngsters. [1, 2, 3, 4, 15]

They won’t examine allegations of trauma-based Satanic thoughts management programming or Satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice, as a result of they’re underneath management of sure elite teams and corrupt officers inside their organizations. [3]

The Worldwide Perspective 

The Worldwide Tribunal for Pure Justice (ITNJ) is investigating the worldwide community of felony exercise that’s abusing youngsters. [14]

Robert David Steele, their Chief Counsel, has been analyzing the knowledge regarding the numbers of abused youngsters.

Mr. Steele is the CEO of Earth Intelligence Community. He was advisable for the Nobel Peace Prize and is a former operations officer of the clandestine service of the CIA. He was the cofounder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Command. He has educated over Eight,000 intelligence and regulation enforcement representatives throughout 66 nations.

Mr. Steele said partially throughout his opening remarks of the ITNJ assembly in Westminster, England in April of 2018:

The working assumption but to be confirmed is that the totality of the youngsters disappearing worldwide is towards Eight million youngsters [annually]. In the United States of America, the acknowledged quantity, not counting the youngsters being bred with out delivery certificates and not counting the youngsters being imported with out documentation, is between 600,000 and 800,000 a yr.

I personally consider that the quantity that we would like to attempt to doc is rising properly past the official figures and we have now but to study what the precise quantity is. [1] 

Mr. Steele talked about the “deep state” in his remarks, which is the system of worldwide banking households that primarily management the world’s cash provide and thereby have highly effective affect over nationwide political processes. This was his ultimate remark relating to taking down the deep state. 

Mr. Steele said: 

Pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls individuals. It’s also the Achilles heel of the deep state. 

I consider that when the public realizes that the authorities just isn’t defending their youngsters at a scale of vulnerability that we will articulate then all the things else about the authorities known as into query. 

For me, this can be a true righteous endeavor… The middle of gravity for change is the American public as a result of if you will get the American public indignant, we’ll cease supporting dictators abroad and we’ll shut all of our army bases abroad.  

I’m on document as a former CIA operations officer as saying that our thousand bases abroad are usually not there for nationwide protection however they’re there to function lily pads for smuggling of weapons, gold, money, medicine, and young children. [1]

Robert David Steele gave a strong presentation at the ITNJ throughout which he summarized the full vary of crimes which might be dedicated towards youngsters. It’s beautiful in its simplicity and completeness.

Watch Chief Counsel Robert David Steele (ITNJ Seating):

Conclusion: Time to Shine the Mild on these Evil Practices

There’s a sober tone to these articles, as a result of the subjects are so critical.

The excellent news is that individuals are waking up to the actuality of the crimes that paedo-predators are committing towards youngsters. Each time an individual realizes what is occurring to our youngsters and shares the fact with others, the mild of fact shines a bit additional into the darkness of the felony underworld and the operations of sure elite secret societies who are working to increase their world dominance.

Their plans are being destabilized and will ultimately be overturned by the mild of fact because it passes from individual to individual. 

See Additionally:

Is “Pastor” A Biblical Title for Church Leaders?

About the Writer

John P. Thomas is a well being author for Well being Influence Information. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the College of Michigan, and a Grasp of Science in Public Well being (M.S.P.H.) from the Faculty of Public Well being, Division of Well being Administration, at the College of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Touch upon this text at


[1] Introductory Remarks, Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, Judicial Fee of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, Worldwide Tribunal for Pure Justice, London Seating, YouTube, April 2018.

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[9] The Largest Secret: Chapter 16, “Where have All the Children Gone?” David Icke.

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[16] Jay Parker, Free Your Thoughts Convention 2011, YouTube.

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