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Has the U.S. Become a Medical Police State? How Doctors Deny Due Process to Kidnap Children Through CPS

Young female doctor looking at x-ray image on white background.

Young female doctor looking at x-ray image on white background.

By Well being Impression Information/ Employees
Well being Impression Information 

The story is one which we hear repeatedly: mother and father take their youngster to the physician for an unintentional damage or an sickness and find yourself being accused by a physician of abusing their baby.

The physician calls Baby Protecting Providers, and the surprised mother and father watch their baby be taken away by social staff. Typically, certainly one of the mother and father will go to jail for accusations of kid abuse.

There’s little to no due course of, and the a number of courtroom hearings that comply with are merely an phantasm of makes an attempt at justice, since the accusing physician, a Baby Abuse Pediatrician, has primarily turn out to be decide and jury.

Opposing viewpoints by different docs are sometimes ridiculed or disregarded.

It issues little if the mother and father haven’t any historical past of violence, or that there’s not a single shred of actual forensic proof which helps the analysis of abuse.

As soon as the Youngster Abuse Pediatrician decrees that baby abuse has occurred, the Youngster Protecting System, in addition to the foster care and adoption system, turns into activated, and fogeys watch in horror as their youngsters are stripped away from them, typically completely.

Well being Impression Information has documented a lot of the historical past of the entity referred to as CPS:

From Baby Safety to State-sponsored Youngster Kidnapping: How Did we Get Right here?

The U.S. Foster Care System: Trendy Day Slavery and Baby Trafficking

These occasions parallel the takeover of American healthcare by company pharmaceutical pursuits via the rise of the American Medical Affiliation (AMA) in the late 1800’s.

The AMA suppressed all different modalities of coping with illness by establishing a licensing course of for “medical doctors” which was backed by highly effective authorities pursuits.


American Medical Revolutions: How the AMA Took Over America

When it comes to the seizure of youngsters from their households by Baby Protecting Providers, docs don’t merely play a peripheral position, contributing their medical findings to the physique of proof gathered by regulation enforcement investigators.

On the opposite, docs generally known as Youngster Abuse Pediatricians are at the very coronary heart of what has turn out to be often known as state-sponsored youngster abductions and medical kidnappings.

Although board certification for the sub-specialty of Baby Abuse Pediatricians didn’t exist earlier than 2010, their historical past traces again to the early and mid 1900s.

As an alternative of being constructed upon a basis of defending youngsters from abuse, the Baby Abuse Pediatrics subject is essentially a home of playing cards constructed on a flawed basis with a controversial, decades-long historical past hidden in the background.

Early medical papers by a small group of docs framed the baby abuse story from the very starting in such a method that silenced opposing viewpoints. Their technique has been to develop insurance policies that anticipate arguments and squelch opposing voices by maligning or discrediting them.

These techniques are in use at the moment by Youngster Abuse Pediatricians. These docs closely affect the insurance policies of courts, legislators, the baby welfare system, and the American Academy of Pediatrics relating to baby abuse.

“The Battered-Child Syndrome”

The start of the trendy effort to tackle youngster abuse as a medical analysis arguably traces to a landmark paper referred to as “The Battered-Child Syndrome,” which was revealed on July 7, 1962 in the Journal of the American Medical Affiliation (JAMA).

On this paper, Dr. C. Henry Kempe and the different authors concluded that:

The battered-child syndrome … must be thought-about in any baby exhibiting proof of attainable trauma or neglect (fracture of any bone, subdural hematoma, a number of tender tissue accidents, poor pores and skin hygiene, or malnutrition) or the place there’s a marked discrepancy between the medical findings and the historic knowledge as provided by the mother and father.

Dr. Kempe’s paper, which was reprinted in Youngster Abuse and Neglect in 1985, declared that radiologists have been specialists who’re uniquely certified to discover indicators of abuse that different docs ceaselessly miss, and he advisable full skeletal x-rays of any youngsters who met the above qualifications, “in order to ascertain the presence of characteristic multiple bony lesions in various stages of healing.”

Dr Kempe

Dr. C. Henry Kempe. Photograph supply.

As many harmless mother and father have found, these insurance policies have been certainly enacted by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

When they take their baby to the native youngsters’s hospital or emergency room as a result of the youngster has an unintentional damage, reveals signs they can’t clarify, or has a mysterious bump that seems, Baby Abuse Pediatricians are shortly referred to as in, and their youngster is subjected to a full skeletal survey (x-rays). That is normal follow in the present day.


Exposing How Youngster Abuse Pediatricians Medically Kidnap Children: A Information for Mother and father

Different Medical Circumstances Rejected by Kempe and His Followers

As we’ve got documented many occasions at Well being Impression Information, there are numerous different actual medical circumstances that may trigger signs that mimic abuse, similar to childish rickets, osteogenesis imperfecta, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, vaccine accidents, metabolic issues, infections, or unintentional accidents.

Shouldn’t these medical circumstances, which all documented in the present day in the medical literature, be the focus of medical docs, quite than baby abuse? Abusing youngsters might be a legal offense, and is usually a part of regulation enforcement investigations and detectives educated in forensic proof, one thing docs usually are not educated to do. Most docs who’re Baby Abuse Specialists solely take a look at medical data, and by no means even interview the youngster or relations.

Quite a few households have misplaced their youngsters due to accusations by Baby Abuse Pediatricians that they abused their youngsters, whereas different docs, together with acknowledged medical specialists of their fields have recognized medical circumstances that the mother and father didn’t trigger.

Mother and father and advocates alike are dismayed when judges, social staff, and typically even regulation enforcement ignore the reviews of upwards of a dozen specialists in favor of a single report of a narrative put forth by the Youngster Abuse Pediatrician.

We just lately reported that there was a well-orchestrated effort by an elite group of Youngster Abuse Pediatricians generally known as the Helfer Society, based by Dr. Ray E. Helfer in 1999, to affect the approach that the media and the public view baby abuse points. See:

Elite Medical Doctors Search to Management the Media and Public’s Notion of Baby Abuse Specialists

The Helfer Society’s Public Relations Committee states on their web site:

Various physicians have proven up repeatedly in courtroom to put forth opposing and sometimes novel theories for particular person youngsters’s accidents. A few of these similar physicians have been creating a physique of medical literature difficult the basis of kid abuse analysis, a lot of it novel hypothetical and poorly [sic – unclear what word was left out].

The Helferites, as they name themselves, presently assert that non-Helferite docs “put forth opposing and often novel theories” for the accidents, as if these physicians who disagree with them are greedy at straws and arising with unusual new concepts to counter their well-established, virtually sacred dogma that sure signs should signify abuse.

But, the “theories” with which the Helferites disagree have been existence for at the very least so long as their very own concepts.

None aside from Dr. Ray Helfer’s mentor, Dr. Kempe, wrote about such “theories” in his 1962 paper, in what could be seen as a preemptive strike to discredit opposing interpretations of the knowledge.

He stated that the “clinical manifestations of the battered-child syndrome” might be “very mild” and could possibly be “often unsuspected and unrecognized.” In these youngsters, he says:

the sufferers’ indicators and signs could also be thought-about to have resulted from failure to thrive from another trigger or to have been produced by a metabolic dysfunction, an infectious course of, or another disturbance.

In these sufferers particular findings of trauma akin to bruises or attribute roentgenographic [x-ray] modifications as described under could also be misinterpreted and their significance not acknowledged.

Round Reasoning

In accordance to a paper by Jennifer Crane of the Centre for the Historical past of Drugs, Kempe’s daughter Annie Kempe stated that her father “found it was common practice to offer ‘patently absurd’ explanations for the injuries of children,” who have been:

misdiagnosed with uncommon brittle bone illnesses, “spontaneous” instances of subdural haematoma, unexplained bleeding issues, and with the catch-all notion of “failure to thrive.” (Supply).

Might this be why Baby Abuse docs comparable to Susan Luberoff, MD, really feel it vital to “interpret” the “big words they don’t understand” for non-medical individuals, in order that they don’t “go down the wrong path” (which is perhaps interpreted as which means a path that the baby abuse staff doesn’t need them to take)? See video.

Kempe said in his paper that oldsters regularly deny any wrongdoing. In actuality, it might be true that responsible individuals typically deny wrongdoing, additionally it is true that harmless mother and father additionally deny that they’ve carried out something incorrect. Kempe had a solution for that as nicely:

Such attitudes are maintained regardless of the undeniable fact that proof of bodily assault is clear and that the trauma couldn’t have occurred in another approach.

(He might have forgotten that he beforehand indicated that the indicators are sometimes so delicate that solely sure educated specialists might acknowledge them by x-rays.)

The whole narrative is round, arrange many many years in the past by a physician who appeared decided to pre-empt any various rationalization for signs that the physician asserts have to be abuse as a result of there isn’t a different rationalization.

CPS Established as Results of Doctors’ Assertions

“The Battered-Child Syndrome” paper of 1962 was adopted in 1968 by a ebook equally titled, The Battered Baby, authored by Dr. Ray E. Helfer, the pediatrician who later based the Helfer Society. His mentor Dr. C. Henry Kempe co-edited the guide.

Dr. Kempe went on to discovered the Nationwide Middle for the Prevention and Remedy of Youngster Abuse and Neglect in 1972.

Congress handed the bipartisan federal Youngster Abuse Prevention and Remedy Act (CAPTA), or the “Mondale Act,” in 1974 which gave delivery to the company generally known as Baby Protecting Providers (CPS).

The follow of Medical Kidnapping had begun, however the public remained largely unaware for many years.


Youngster Kidnapping and Trafficking: A Profitable U.S. Enterprise Funded by Taxpayers Referred to as “Foster Care”

The media and the public discovered about “Shaken Baby Syndrome,” and the narrative appeared set in stone.

Doctors have been taught that “the triad” of signs – mind bleeding, mind swelling, and retinal hemorrhaging – meant that the child had been violently shaken and abused.

If docs noticed sure sorts of damaged bones, or “multiple rib fractures in various stages of healing,” their medical coaching demanded that they interpret the findings as abuse and name CPS.

To the unsuspecting public, it appeared that there was just one method to see these accidents, and that there have been no different views to be had.

There Has By no means Been Full Consensus with Baby Abuse Doctors’ Interpretations

From the time that the public first started to concentrate on baby abuse as a social situation, there have all the time been dissenting voices. There have all the time been docs who researched previous the agenda that that they had been taught in medical faculty who acknowledged that the actuality that they have been seeing didn’t match up to what that they had been advised to consider.

There’s not, and by no means has been, a consensus amongst all certified, professional docs with regards to Shaken Child Syndrome, metabolic bone circumstances, vaccines, or baby abuse analysis.

The Helfer Society would have the media, courts, legislators, and the public consider that they’re the solely perspective on baby abuse.

However they don’t seem to be.

In accordance to researcher Jennifer Crane, Drs. Helfer and Kempe and their colleagues have been the ones who truly “invented” the idea of the battered youngster syndrome. (Supply)

Based mostly on their very own concepts and biases, they wrote what later turned the insurance policies for the American Academy of Pediatrics for “recognizing” youngster abuse.

These insurance policies have been communicated with social staff, regulation enforcement, media, and the courts, and have been implicated in the medical kidnapping of hundreds of youngsters from harmless mother and father.

There have been many dissenting voices from medical specialists over the previous a number of many years, however the Youngster Abuse Pediatricians and the Helfer Society have labored to malign them and scale back their opposing interpretations to irrelevance.

World-renowned neuropathologist Dr. Waney Squier was one such physician who acknowledged that what she had been taught about Shaken Child Syndrome merely was not true. After years of testifying towards mother and father, it was the proof and the science of Shaken Child Syndrome signs that modified her perspective.

As a result of she started testifying on behalf of harmless mother and father, she was vilified, and her profession was destroyed.


Dr. Waney Squier Speaks out on Defective Shaken Child Science Used to Condemn the Harmless

Neuropathologist Physician: I Believed in Shaken Child Syndrome till Science Confirmed I used to be Incorrect

She was not alone:

After she had been discredited months earlier, 350 docs, scientists and legal professionals rallied collectively in her help, and in an unprecedented transfer had written a letter of protest to the British Medical Journal(BMJ), questioning the GMC’s determination.


Dr. Squier Wins Attraction however Banned from Telling the Fact in Courtroom about Shaken Child Syndrome

Utilizing X-rays to “Prove” Baby Abuse

Radiologist doctor with x-ray image isolated on white

Dr. John Cannell wrote an article, “Child abuse or infantile rickets,” in 2014. (Supply).

He says that “the possibility of infantile rickets” is usually missed in instances the place a baby is discovered to have a number of damaged bones.

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Baby Abuse and Neglect (AAPCCAN) is made up of Youngster Abuse Pediatricians. Dr. Cannell addresses the committee’s tips for evaluating such youngsters:

Nevertheless, widespread sense questions nonetheless want answering relating to the medical analysis: Why would abusive mother and father repeatedly convey their toddler to the emergency room? How can trauma extreme sufficient to fracture bones not depart a bruise? Why wouldn’t such chest trauma extreme sufficient to fracture ribs not end in lung injury?

Further questions want answering: Wouldn’t mother and father who abuse their toddler severely sufficient to trigger a number of fractures present proof of psychopathology? Why do all eyewitnesses to parental conduct report the mother and father have been involved and loving?

Are members of AAPCCAN neutral specialists or do they virtually all the time testify for the state?

He factors out many occasions in the medical literature the place radiologists missed childish rickets on x-rays.

He particularly takes problem with Dr. Kempe’s 1962 research, “The Battered Child Syndrome.”

It was this paper, greater than some other, that led to the present widespread medical perception that a number of fractures at numerous levels of therapeutic all the time imply baby abuse.

Nevertheless, a minimum of a few of the radiographs [x-rays] depicted in Kempe et al truly confirmed ricket; one radiograph even confirmed basic bowing of the legs.

This implies the seminal paper that began the medical career on its present course of all the time diagnosing a number of unexplained fractures as youngster abuse might have been fatally flawed. [Emphasis added.]

Many different docs all through the United States and the remainder of the world additionally disagree with a few of the assertions of the Youngster Abuse Pediatricians.

Doctors similar to Dr. Michael Holick, Dr. David Ayoub, Dr. Marvin E. Miller, Dr. Steven Gabaeff, and lots of others have testified and written medical studies for households accused of abusing their youngsters – stories which assert that there are medical causes for the youngsters’s accidents or signs and that they don’t seem to be instances of abuse.

Conclusion: How A lot Longer will Society Permit Doctors to Have the Energy to Kidnap Children and Destroy Households?

At what level will regulation enforcement and the courts cease letting Baby Abuse Pediatricians, who’ve held themselves up as the final authority relating to baby abuse, proceed condemning mother and father and stealing youngsters by denying due course of and stopping true investigations from occurring when baby abuse is suspected?

When will pediatricians begin doing the actual work of docs in looking for solutions to well being issues that would trigger brittle bones and different sicknesses? Shouldn’t each different medical choice be explored first, to clarify signs that at the moment are, primarily, solely getting used to accuse mother and father of kid abuse?

Ought to docs actually be used as professional witnesses in instances of kid abuse merely on the foundation of medical proof, or ought to skilled investigators from regulation enforcement educated in forensic proof be utilized to examine youngster abuse accusations, upholding the accused individual’s Constitutional rights to due strategy of the regulation, identical to another suspected felony?

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