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Food for Thought: Can Diet Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Vegetables arranged in the shape of a brain.
Vegetables arranged in the shape of a brain.Photograph: BRAIN MADE OUT OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES©GETTYIMAGES/TIJANA87

Because the American inhabitants ages, the incidence of Alzheimer’s illness additionally continues to rise. Whereas researchers proceed to review Alzheimer’s, research recommend eating regimen might play a task in its prevention or delayed onset.

Alzheimer’s, which has no recognized remedy, accounts for 60 to 80 % of all instances of dementia and is the sixth-leading explanation for dying in the USA. Almost 6 million People live with Alzheimer’s, and the quantity is estimated to rise to virtually 14 million by 2050.

Whereas there are numerous indicators and signs of Alzheimer’s illness, the preliminary indicator often is problem remembering newly discovered info. Different signs which will develop embrace confusion about occasions, occasions and locations; vital temper and conduct modifications; and problem talking. Moreover, Alzheimer’s might have nutrition-related signs similar to forgetting the way to use cutlery, lack of urge for food or forgetting about earlier meals. Different signs might embrace unintentional weight reduction, problem swallowing or swallowing with out chewing, forgetting find out how to eat or drink and trying to eat inedible gadgets.

Though Alzheimer’s illness just isn’t a traditional a part of the growing older course of, the most important danger issue is growing age. Most individuals with Alzheimer’s are older than 65. The danger of creating Alzheimer’s doubles after 65 and almost one-third of individuals over 85 will develop the illness. “Early onset” Alzheimer’s happens in individuals youthful than 65 — about 5 % of all recognized instances; nevertheless, the quantity of people that endure from early onset could possibly be greater since it isn’t generally acknowledged and subsequently harder to diagnose.

Anybody with a dad or mum or sibling with Alzheimer’s illness has a larger danger of creating the situation; danger will increase if a number of relations have Alzheimer’s. Genetics and different elements, corresponding to head damage, can also improve danger; as well as, Hispanics and African-People are at larger danger. Poor coronary heart well being or poor general vascular well being, in addition to way of life elements akin to tobacco use and extreme alcohol consumption, can improve probabilities of creating Alzheimer’s. Then again, staying socially lively, exercising and following a nutritious diet might lower danger.

Based mostly on the newest analysis, the Alzheimer’s Affiliation recommends the Mediterranean eating regimen and the Dietary Approaches to Cease Hypertension, or DASH, food plan, each of which can lower dangers of creating coronary heart illness and dementia.

Mediterranean Diet
This eating regimen is very targeted on plant meals similar to fruits, greens and entire grains; meals containing heart-healthy fat together with olive oil; spices and occasional fish, poultry and dairy. Pink meat and salt are restricted.

Research have proven the Mediterranean food plan might assist forestall or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s illness by 1½ to 3½ years. Individuals in a 2018 research have been 30 to 60 years previous with no dementia; they acquired mind imaging scans initially and finish of a two-year interval. About half the group reported training a excessive adherence to the food regimen, whereas the opposite half reported following a Western food regimen. Comply with-up scans revealed the Western eating regimen group had greater betaamyloid protein deposits and decrease power use, each indicators of early dementia.

Meta-analyses and systematic evaluations have discovered a big physique of analysis that means the Mediterranean food plan might assist lower dangers for a number of brain-related illnesses together with melancholy, stroke, Alzheimer’s illness and delicate cognitive impairment, which may progress to Alzheimer’s.

It’s not precisely recognized how the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan might assist delay or forestall dementia. Some theories recommend excessive quantities of antioxidants from meals within the weight loss plan might play a task, whereas others speculate the excessive quantity of useful fat might contribute to vascular well being, which may contribute to raised mind well being.

Most research are observational and lots of use dietary recollects, which might be unreliable. To additional strengthen the advice of the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan for Alzheimer’s illness, extra randomized managed research with longer follow-up durations are wanted.

Though there’s much less analysis on the DASH eating regimen because it relates particularly to the delay, prevention or remedy of Alzheimer’s illness, this consuming sample is beneficial by the Alzheimer’s Affiliation. The DASH weight loss plan contain consuming a lot of fruits, greens and entire grains, limiting saturated fat, salt and added sugars, and aiming to be excessive in potassium. DASH is similar to the Mediterranean food regimen, however places much less emphasis on olive oil as the first fats supply and doesn’t promote common alcohol consumption.

Within the restricted pool of analysis, there’s a correlation between adherence to the DASH food regimen and decrease incidence of cognitive decline. A larger quantity of analysis suggests following the DASH eating regimen may also help forestall different circumstances, together with hypertension and heart problems. A number of research have discovered the DASH eating regimen improves cardiovascular and vascular well being by decreasing blood lipid ranges and blood strain. Cardiovascular and vascular well being have been immediately correlated with mind well being and Alzheimer’s danger, which can clarify the affiliation’s endorsement of the food regimen, however extra analysis is required on the DASH weight loss plan and its impression on Alzheimer’s illness.

The Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay, or MIND, eating regimen was created by researchers as an consuming sample particularly focused to mind well being. The eating regimen is a mixture of elements from the Mediterranean and DASH diets, with extra particular suggestions: 10 meals to include and 5 meals to keep away from.

On the MIND food plan, individuals ought to eat six or extra servings of inexperienced, leafy greens every week and one further serving of greens day by day. The one fruits talked about on this consuming sample are berries, that are beneficial twice every week due to their excessive antioxidant content material. The MIND weight-reduction plan recommends 5 or extra servings of nuts per week and utilizing solely olive oil as an added fats. Three servings of entire grains ought to be eaten every day; fish at the very least as soon as every week; beans a minimum of 4 occasions every week; poultry twice every week; and no multiple glass of wine per day. Meals to keep away from or restrict embrace butter and margarine, cheese, pink meat, fried meals, pastries and sweets.

Created in 2015, the MIND weight loss plan is comparatively new and extra analysis is required to help it. Probably the most notable analysis research comes from Rush College Medical Middle, which adopted greater than 900 members for a mean of 4½ years. Researchers discovered the MIND weight-reduction plan might scale back the danger of creating Alzheimer’s by as a lot as 53 %.

Extra Analysis Wanted
Alzheimer’s illness is an growing drawback and present analysis hints that weight loss plan could possibly assist. Nevertheless, extra analysis is required on the position of vitamin, together with these three diets, on the power to stop or delay Alzheimer’s and dementia. As a result of analysis exhibits general constructive well being outcomes from each the Mediterranean and DASH diets, registered dietitian nutritionists might really feel most snug recommending them to sufferers and shoppers who’re involved about mind and general well being.


Analysis on weight-reduction plan for treating Alzheimer’s illness is restricted and there’s no particular vitamin prescription. Nevertheless, good vitamin is crucial and there are a number of suggestions and modifications that may assist individuals who have Alzheimer’s:

  • Comply with an general nutritious diet.
  • Restrict distractions that may intrude with meals consumption, resembling tv.
  • Keep away from having too many gadgets on the desk to stop confusion.
  • Solely serve one or two meals gadgets at a time.
  • Keep away from patterned plates.
  • Modify meals textures as wanted.
  • Permit loads of time to finish a meal.
  • Think about liberalizing diets to include favourite meals.
  • If weight reduction is a priority, contemplate fortified meals and dietary supplements.


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Esther Ellis

Esther Ellis, MS, RD, LDN, is a retail dietitian and freelance author based mostly in New Orleans.