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European Nations Send Open Letter to WHO Regarding Lack of Vaccine Safety Studies

open letter to the WHO

open letter to the WHO

by European Discussion board for Vaccine Vigilance

To the World Well being Organisation and people attending the assembly of the International Vaccine High quality Management Laboratories Community (Rome 25th-27th September 2018).

To the European Parliament, the European Medicines Company and the European Directorate for the High quality of Medicines

Pricey members of the World Well being Organisation,

By sharing science and becoming a member of efforts in the direction of higher well being, your organisation has improved the lives of tens of millions of individuals, and we’re grateful for this. Offering higher vitamin, clear water, improved hygiene, and entry to medical care, mortality and infectious illness have been drastically decreased. Your extraordinary communication marketing campaign to detect instances of illness and their contacts, and isolate them, lastly led to the eradication of the as soon as devastating smallpox.1 These are nice achievements and these noble objectives must be additional pursued.  Right now nevertheless, we face a brand new epidemic: persistent illness.  Within the USA, one in two adults has a persistent illness and one in 4 has two or extra. 2

Weight problems, bronchial asthma, most cancers, immune and autoimmune illnesses, neurological and developmental issues, are ‘lifestyle diseases’ primarily induced or aggravated by dangerous vitamin and poisonous load. Vaccines are administered to wholesome people to forestall focused infections, however their long-term influence on the immune system and their potential position in persistent illness shouldn’t be being evaluated. Particular person danger of poor outcomes to each an infection and vaccination varies extensively and mass vaccination with out correct discrimination on the particular person degree has led to accidents, dying and unintended penalties. Lately, unbiased researchers and laboratories have found that many vaccines are contaminated with retroviruses3 and polluted by nanoparticles four. Excessive ranges of aluminium related to vaccine adjuvants have been discovered within the brains of autistic youngsters or in individuals affected by neurological issues reminiscent of Alzheimer’s illness.5, 6

In your earlier assembly you advocated for much less unbiased testing, thought-about ‘redundant’, so as to velocity up the availability of merchandise.7 The current administration of 250,000 faulty vaccines in China8, the tragedy of the oral polio marketing campaign in India with over 450,000 instances of paralysis and death9, the injury brought on by the Dengue vaccine within the Philippines10, studies from everywhere in the world of continual ache and paralysis after administration of the HPV vaccine11, 12,  present that vaccine security and efficacy are being tragically disregarded on this drive for fast-tracking approval and straightforward certification.

If creating requirements and sharing greatest follow amongst controlling our bodies is required, testing by nationwide and unbiased laboratories have to be maintained, since fraud and technical hazard from storage or transportation can nonetheless happen and biases or new findings wouldn’t be detected.  In accordance to your report, «It was famous that the goals of the community are a superb match with business’s proposal for risk-based testing and networking».13 However this ‘risk-based’ strategy geared to decreasing check necessities for vaccines thought-about of ‘low risk’, appears a harmful pursuit.

Many well being authorities complain about vaccine hesitancy, however fail to reassure the general public by offering the security knowledge they request.  Everywhere in the world, hundreds of thousands of individuals have signed petitions demanding extra security, transparency and unbiased analysis, however determination makers selected fast-tracking as an alternative.

To revive confidence misplaced, we insist that earlier than any sort of suggestion or authorisation is issued, ALL vaccines pre-qualified or really helpful by the WHO can be submitted to:

  • In depth medical trials carried out by our bodies unbiased from the producers
  • Medium- and long-term research on effectivity and security, not ‘days’.
  • Checks for carcinogenic properties
  • Checks round fertility points
  • Checks on being pregnant, spontaneous abortion and the creating foetus
  • Checks for mutagenic results (modifications induced within the DNA)
  • Exams for results on the neurological system and improvement of the mind
  • Actual inert placebo testing, which is nearly by no means carried out on vaccines

We additionally insist that the WHO ought to present research on:

  • Adjuvants and preservatives resembling aluminium and mercury and their bioaccumulation
  • Different poisonous materials used, resembling polysorbate, Tween 80, formaldehyde and so on
  • Vaccine security and the age of vaccine administration
  • The influence of full vaccine schedules on the worldwide well being of a inhabitants
  • The comparability of vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations in international well being phrases
  • Viral transmission of individuals just lately vaccinated with reside virus vaccine resembling measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, influenza or oral polio vaccine for instance.

Particularly, we ask that the use of mixed vaccines and the same-day administration of a number of vaccines be completely investigated.  Figures from India present that the quantity of deaths inside three days following vaccination doubled when utilizing a Pentavalent (5-in-one) vaccine slightly than a triple DTP vaccine. It’s projected that this alteration will trigger between 7,zero20 and eight,190 deaths annually in infants in India14. It additional seems that in confidential periodic security stories of the hexavalent Infanrix polio vaccine submitted to the EMA, the producer GSK had deleted a quantity of demise instances between reviews. 15

In regards to the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and its hyperlink with autism, the one reference talked about on the autism part of your web site is an out-dated French article translating press claims which were disproven in a choice from the English Excessive Courtroom in 2012. 16, 17 On the similar time, William Thompson, an professional from the CDC, confessed in 2014 to having manipulated the info of a key reference research however as of current date, no additional investigations have been made.18With one in 36 youngsters recognized with an Autistic Spectrum Dysfunction within the USA19, this research is an absolute precedence and unbiased laboratory testing and new medical trials should now exchange the move of ‘inconclusive’ statistics.

Confirming this precedence, an Italian Parliamentary Fee lately reported quite a few deaths, autoimmune illnesses and cancers in army personnel after a number of vaccines had been administered and referred to as for extra analysis and precautionary measures20. The long-term results of vaccines usually are not studied and the current revision of the classification of “Adverse Events Following Immunisation” doesn’t permit for correct reporting of demise instances or of unwanted side effects not beforehand declared by the producer.21 With the alarming rise in persistent illnesses, immune, autoimmune and developmental issues worldwide, quick accountable motion is crucial.

In its current decision on vaccine hesitancy, the European Parliament requires “transparency and declaration of conflicts of interest, including researchers working for the World Health Organisation and the European Medicines Agency”. It proposes that “researchers subject to a conflict of interest be excluded from evaluation panels”; additional requires “the confidentiality of the deliberations of the EMA evaluation panel to be lifted” and proposes that “the scientific and clinical data which inform the conclusions of the panel, and whose anonymity is guaranteed in advance, be made public”. 22

It fails nevertheless to query biased stories. 23

When it comes to approving or recommending a brand new vaccine, we all know that:

  • Pre-licensure research are solely carried out by the producers who stand to revenue.This can be a clear battle of curiosity.
  • Pre-licensure research don’t and can’t seize all hostile occasions that may happen in actual world conditions.
  • Peer reviewed scientific journals have large conflicts of curiosity and most research are biased or false 24, 25, 26
  • Publish-marketing surveillance in all nations is woefully insufficient. Just one to 10% of hostile occasions are being reported. Within the USA, the obligatory biennial security stories from US Well being & Human Providers to Congress on vaccine security have merely by no means been written. 27

The funding of your organisation depends on necessary personal donations, such because the GAVI alliance, a partnership with banks and industries. The very fact alone that this very assembly is funded by a personal investor, the Invoice and Melinda Gates Basis28, is very questionable.  Given this inherent battle of curiosity, it’s subsequently completely crucial that unbiased research and specialists be concerned within the approval and suggestion of vaccines and vaccine insurance policies.  And if the WHO ensures the security of the vaccine it’s pre-qualifying, it also needs to assume legal responsibility for opposed occasions following vaccination.

Selling obligatory vaccination for whole populations with merchandise that primarily depend on producers’ knowledge for his or her common security and efficacy is an evident breach of the precautionary precept and as such turns into a pressured medical experiment.

Because the well being danger of vaccination is solely borne by people, the WHO should make sure that it’s minimal, and that absolutely knowledgeable consent is noticed.

So as to restore public belief in well being authorities and enhance public well being insurance policies worldwide, we subsequently demand actions and solutions that meet our requests.

We thank the honorable members of this meeting for his or her consideration and pray they’ll open their hearts and minds to our message.

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Signed by: 


Françoise Joët, co-founder of each Affiliation Liberté Info Santé
(ALIS) and the European Discussion board for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV) *
Sophie Guillot for Agir pour le Libre Consentement Thérapeutique, France
Sophie Guillot, Ensemble pour une Vaccination Libre, France
Marie Werbrègue, Information Vaccin France
Lucie Michel, Les Mamans Braveness, France
Marie-Rose Cuisigniez, Affiliation Liberté Info Santé, France
Patrick Ledrappier, Libre Consentement Eclairé, France
Affiliation Liberté Info Santé, France
Jean-Pierre Eudier, Ligue Nationale pour la Liberté de Vaccination, France
Cathy Gaches, Reseau des Victimes de la Vaccination
Michel de Lorgeril et Philippe Harvaux, Affiliation Internationale pour une
Médecine Scientifique Indépendante et Bienveillante, France
Carine Curtet, Affiliation Ametist, France
Dr. Dominique Eraud, Coordination Nationale Médicale Santé Environnement
Bernard Clavière Croisade pour la santé, France*
Alexandra Oakley, Optim’autisme, France*


Libertas & Sanitas, Germany
Impfkritik, Germany
Artzen fur Individuelle Impfentscheidung, Germany
Impf-Information, Germany
Eltern fur Impfaufklarung, Germany
Hans U. P. Tolzin, NEFUNI, impf-report, Germany*


Aegis Osterreich, Austria
Impffrei, Austria


Ader, Italy
Claudio Simion for Comilva, Italy
Ferdinando Donolato for Corvelva, Veneto, Italy
Colibri, Puglia, Italy
Comitatio Faenza, Italy
Genitori di Cervia per la Libera Scelta, Italy
Genitori del No Obbligo, Lombardia, Italy
Genitori del No Obbligo, Piemonte, Italy
Genitori per la Libera Scelta, Monza e Brianza, Italy
CliVa, Toscana, Italy
E Pur Si Muove, Rimini, Italy
Gruppi Uniti, Italy
Il Sentiero di Nicola, Italy
Libero per Tutti, Forli, Italy
Dario Miedico e Emiliano Gioia, SiAmo, Italy
VacciPiano, Sicilia, Italy


Colette Welter, Aegis, Luxembourg


Nederlandse Vereniging Kritisch Prikken, The Netherlands
Stichting Vaccinvrij, The Netherlands


Dr. Kris Gaublomme, Preventie Vaccinatieschade, Belgium
Inititative Citoyenne, Belgique
Daniel Saelens, Ecole Royale Belge d’homeopathie, Belgium*


Asociacion de Afectadas por la Vacuna del Papiloma, Spain
Liga por la Libertád de Vaccunación, Spain


Nebancs Viragegyesulet, Hungary
Kotelezo Helyett Valaszthato, Hungary


Andrei Edrev for Various Power, Bulgaria


Nepriklausomas Skiepu Informacijo Centras, Lithuania


Justyna Socha, Piotr Jawornik Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Wiedzy o
Szczepieniach STOP NOP, Poland
Dragana Timotic, Inicijativa Nova, Citizen’s Initiative for Non-compulsory Vaccination,


Civil Initiative for Non Obligatory Vaccination


Civilna iniciativa za prostovoljno cepljenje, Slovenia
Simona Rupar and Boris Potocar, Pure Youngster Improvement
Affiliation, Slovenia*


Sloboda v Ockovani, Slovakia


Cijepljenje Pravo Izbora, Croatia
Dr. Ivana Delas for the Croatian Affiliation of Mother or father Activists, Croatia


Rozalio, Czech Republic
Liga Lidskych Prav, Czech Republic


Foreningen for Fritt Vaksinevalg, Norway


Vaccinations Discussion board, Denmark


Suomen Homeopatian Akatemia, Finland


Sara Boo, NHF, Sweden


Netzwerk Impfentscheid, Switzerland, Switzerland


John Stone, Age of Autism, UK
Anna Watson, Arnica, UK
Freda Birrell, Affiliation of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters, UK
The Knowledgeable Dad or mum, UK
Jabs, Justice, Consciousness and Primary Help, UK
Joan Shenton, Immunity Useful resource Basis, UK


Irish Vaccination Consciousness Group

* Lately signed

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