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Aşure or Noah’s Pudding | A symbol of health and abundance


Aşure is a big day celebrated yearly in Turkey. It marks many occasions for Muslims, amongst probably the most vital being the day Noah’s Ark set on dry land.Aşure


The month lengthy festivities of Muharram (the primary month of the Islamic Calendar yr) centre on selling friendship, good relations between neighbours and common peace and understanding.

Because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, Aşure strikes annually. The day of Aşure is within the holiest month of the yr, Muharram. From the phrase Muharram comes the phrase “haram” which means sinful. The month of Muharram is all about stopping and opposing sin. Creating peace and understanding is the essence of the holy month.

Ramadan, the place the Muslims quick throughout dawn, is taken into account to be the second most holy month.



In Turkey, a standard dish is ready on the 10th day of Muharram generally known as Aşure or Noah’s Pudding. It symbolises the meal Noah created on the final day earlier than leaving the Ark. He threw all of the remaining components right into a pot and created the ‘world’s oldest pudding’.

It’s a signal of peace, of being half of a group, of aiding inside a group and serving to to create a vibrant future.


Under is a summary of what Muslims are taught and what I consider is similar to the Bible story.

I needed to perform a little analysis as I used to be rusty and couldn’t fairly come to grips with some of the lengths of lives we have been speaking. I then found, a lot to my amazement that many individuals lived a significantly very long time, method again then.

Do you know Noah lived to be 950 years previous? However he wasn’t the oldest! Methuselah, Noah’s grandfather beat him by a meagre 19 years!

The Age of the Patriarchs from Adam to Noah

Patriarch Lived to the Age of Bible Ref
1 Adam 930 Genesis 5:four
2 Seth 912 Genesis 5:eight
three Enosh 905 Genesis 5:11
four Cainan 910 Genesis 5:14
5 Mahalalel 895 Genesis 5:17
6 Jared 962 Genesis 5:20
7 Enoch 365 Genesis 5:23
eight Methuselah 969 Genesis 5:27
9 Lamech 777 Genesis 5:31
10 Noah 950 Genesis 9:29


In accordance with the Bible, God created the primary people, Adam and Eve, with out sin and with the power to stay ceaselessly. God gave the primary human couple all the things they wanted for his or her everlasting health and happiness within the Backyard of Eden.

However He warned them to not eat the fruit from the Tree of the Information of Good and Evil or they might die, as certainly would all their descendants after them. When Devil’s deception prompted Eve to disobey this command and then Adam wilfully bit into the Forbidden Fruit, their minds and our bodies profoundly modified (Genesis three). Not solely did they turn into topic to demise, however their firstborn baby Cain. turned the world’s first assassin.

Let it’s understood. The wage of sin is demise.


The Bible teaches brazenly that the early patriarchs typically lived to just about 1,000 years previous and even had youngsters once they have been a number of hundred years previous! Comparable claims of lengthy life spans are discovered within the secular literature of a number of historic cultures, together with the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, and Chinese language.

For 1,500 years after creation, males lived such lengthy lives that the majority have been both contemporaries of the primary man, Adam, or personally knew somebody who was!

However even a life span of almost 1,000 years is unfortunately abbreviated once we contemplate that God initially created us to reside endlessly.

And so it goes the story …..

The Journey of Believers

It was hundreds of years in the past and a thousand years after Adam. A group was on the threshold of a disaster. This group deserted worshiping one God; that they had grow to be a group of pagans. Adultery unfold, these with energy have been oppressing these with out, and there was no justice within the land.

The extent of humanity was no higher than hyenas within the wild.

God despatched Noah to name all these locally, later referred to as Noah’s
Individuals, to at least one God. God required justice to be discovered and maintained and to remove all evils in society.

Noah requested his individuals for almost 950 years to go away paganism. He referred to as them to the ‘true way’ believing in a single God. Individuals teased him and referred to as him loopy. Later his spouse joined the pagans of their betrayal. Noah suffered together with his individuals for 800 years. He was very honest in his religion to the Lord.

In the future God despatched the Angel Gabriel to order Noah to construct a ship. Impressed by God, Noah constructed the ship. God ordered him to take two of each creature, one male and one feminine, the believers, and his household, besides his spouse, within the vessel. Noah once more informed individuals concerning the flood, and warned them towards it. However their response remained the identical.

Noahs Ark -

Noahs Ark -

The believers and animals boarded the ship and provides have been loaded. Then, God stated to the sky “O sky! Let your water pour down”. He stated to earth “O earth, hold your water”.

The water began rising. As all non-believers have been drowning with all their vices, an extended and arduous journey was awaiting Noah and the believers, an extended, tumultuous journey.

Days handed, meals was scarce. They have been dealing with hunger by the top of the journey. No meals by itself was sufficient to make an excellent meal. Noah gathered all of the meals and, mixing them, obtained a scrumptious meal. Believers survived by way of the famine. The very subsequent day, the flood receded and they landed and have been capable of depart the Ark.

Immediately we name the meal Noah ready “Aşure”  It’s also generally known as “Noah’s Pudding”.

Since that day, Muslims prepare dinner it yearly on the 10th day of the month of

Where the Ark landedWhere the Ark landed

The beautiful Mt Ararat within the East or Turkey

In reminiscence of Noah and what his individuals went by means of, Muslims learn the Qur’an, go to their mosque and put together this pudding, mixing all of the dry beans, wheat and no matter fruit and nuts they will discover and share it with their neighbours. Main as much as cooking it, days beforehand the ladies might be sorting and cleansing the legumes and pulses. Soaking the beans and chickpeas and getting ready them to be cooked and served on the precise day.

Mt Ararat and the ArkMt Ararat and the Ark

A map of Turkey. The pink arrow marks Mt Ararat

It’s extremely unlikely that for those who reside in a small Turkish group that you’ll not be provided no less than one bowl of Aşure on the 10th day of Muharrem which occurs to fall on the 20th September this yr. (2018)



Usually one should all the time return a bowl or plate with one thing in or on it. Nevertheless the custom is missed on the event of Aşure and it’s wonderful to return it clear however empty.

This pudding is greater than only a flavoursome dessert; the nuts in Aşure present your physique with iron, calcium, vitamin E and vitamin B. On prime of that, it’s thought-about actually good for the immune system, particularly through the winter months. As it’s constructed from wheat, this pudding is wealthy in carbohydrates and energy that maintain you heat and provide the power you have to keep lively and wholesome.



Nevertheless, clearly this yr, 2018, it’s falling in September which has confirmed up to now to be simply as scorching as August in Turkey! So the energy and winter warming apart, it’s nonetheless a really wholesome deal with!


Noah’s pudding doesn’t have one particular recipe, there are tons of of variations of the identical recipe, give or take a number of elements. This nutritious and scrumptious pudding is made with no matter you have got out there.

And when you have nothing out there, then each grocery store and little store on the town has options. All arrange on supply particularly for Aşure Day.

Ingredients for Aşure

Ingredients for Aşure

Ingredients for Aşure

Ingredients for Aşure

Ingredients for Aşure

Ingredients for Aşure

The primary elements are entire grain, wheat or barley, apricots, raisins, currants, figs, pine nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, chickpeas, cannellini beans and sure different fruits if they’re in season, resembling apples, pears, oranges, lemons or pomegranates. The recipe provides you room to mess around with the elements in line with your style. You do want a reasonably sizeable price range although. The components are definitely not low cost.

The unique pudding was made with rose water to provide it flavour however substituting the rose water for lemon juice or orange juice is as much as the prepare dinner. Aşure is made in giant, even probably HUGE quantities when it’s cooked in order that it might be shared with buddies, household, neighbors, classmates and co-workers.


This pot contained sufficient for 65 parts. Şerife delivered many across the neighbourhood and entertained a few dozen women all through the day in her house.

Aşure is given out as a gesture of peace and friendship and is ready in Muslim houses with particular prayers for health, happiness, peace, wealth and success. It’s customary in Turkish houses that bowls of this scrumptious pudding be handed out to as many individuals as attainable believing that the pudding with convey “bereket” (blessings and abundance).

It’s unhappy I not have the photographs of my neighbours in Bodrum the place I lived almost 30 years in the past. They cooked their Aşure over a 24 hour interval. The big cauldron was positioned on a fireplace outdoors their kitchen door and it was by no means left unattended. The 2 sisters stirred it always, giving one another a break each hour. One hour on, one hour off. It was scrumptious, though I’ve to say, I did discover it very candy.


Aşure earlier than it’s dressed


Şerife dressing the pudding


Numerous nuts incl walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts in addition to currants, sesame seeds, black cumin (nigella) seeds, cinnamon and pomegranate arils.



Since that point, I’ve had many possibilities to style numerous Aşures and some of them are … ‘please sir, can I have some more?’.  Simply so good, you possibly can’t resist asking for seconds, which might be somewhat impertinent, however simply needs to be achieved!


Ağrı Dağı or Mount Ararat sits within the Japanese Anatolian area of Turkey, between Doğubayazıt and Iğdır.  Over the previous few years extra proof has come to mild that Noah’s Ark did come to relaxation on Mount Ararat together with the image under of what’s considered the Ark, but nobody has been capable of finding the Ark on the Mountain aspect.

For extra on the idea, there’s plentiful info in lots of languages relating to Mt Ararat and the Ark. These could be present in Nationwide Geographic or You Tube in addition to many different sources.

The graceful space is supposedly the place the Ark got here to relaxation on Mt Ararat



Worship Allah as a lot as you possibly can on ‘Aşure’ and reap the rewards-

•Whoever fasts on this present day is like one who fasts all his life.
•Whoever garments a unadorned individual Allah will launch him from a painful punishment.
•He who visits a sick individual, Allah will grant him a reward that won’t be decreased.
•Whoever locations his hand on an orphan’s head, or feeds a hungry individual or provides water to a thirsty man, Allah will feed him a feast from Paradise and will quench his thirst with Salsabil (awine that doesn’t intoxicate).
•Whoever supplies generously for his household on this present day, Allah will probably be beneficiant to him
all through this yr.
•And whoever applies Kohl to his eyes won’t ever endure from sore eyes once more, insha’Allah.


Aşure ready at house is shared with the neighbours. Usually individuals who put together Aşure ship a bowl to every of the neighbours of their constructing. As custom goes the residents of forty homes to your east, west, north and south are thought-about neighbors.

One has a duty to take care of good relations with their neighbours regardless of what their faith or beliefs could also be. It’s also a customized to organize Aşure in giant cauldrons and distribute it to the poor.

Lastly, here’s a message that went viral on Aşure Day – It wished us blessings and good tidings on this Holy Day.

Sadly, no bowl of Aşure appeared to accompany it!