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800K Children in the U.S. Missing Each Year – International Tribunal Exposes Pedophilia Problem – Victims Testify of Child Sex Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Well being Impression Information

800,000 youngsters a yr in the United States go lacking, many of them being sexually trafficked by way of pedophilia networks the place the youngsters endure unimaginable horrors corresponding to Satanic ritual abuse.

This quantity is comprised of documented instances of youngsters gone lacking, and doesn’t embrace youngsters who’re born and bred into pedophilia networks and haven’t any delivery certificates, or undocumented immigrant youngsters who come throughout the borders.

Worldwide, the quantity is shut to eight million youngsters lacking and being sexually trafficked.

Such is the scope of the drawback that was reported earlier this yr (2018) in Westminster, London by The International Tribunal for Pure Justice (ITNJ), as the courtroom convened over a Three-day interval to launch their Judicial Fee of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.

International Tribunal for Natural Justice Commissioners

The Judicial Fee is comprised of world leaders who’ve been concerned in preventing baby intercourse trafficking for years, and consists of intelligence officers, politicians, authorized students, and many others. (Web site:

The International Tribunal was shaped as a result of most of the world’s authorities our bodies in the present day have been corrupted and not characterize the individuals, however as an alternative serve the curiosity of personal firms, and as such, justice is seldom discovered in most authorities judicial courts round the world at this time to cease such a heinous crime as youngster intercourse trafficking.

In truth, the youngster intercourse trafficking community at the moment is definitely facilitated by the wealthy and highly effective, whose affect reaches into the political and judicial branches of society.

From the INTJ report:

The ITNJ initiative has arisen as a response to the disregard for the rule of regulation exhibited by (alleged) public officers, company administrators, and ‘world leaders’ who’ve intentionally privatized and weaponized the governments of the world towards their very own individuals.

It’s the end result of years of endeavour and analysis on the half of many individuals from a various set of backgrounds devoted to safeguarding a viable future for human variety. It’s acknowledged that we the individuals should take duty in holding authorities to account when it violates primary human rights and pure regulation.

At present we all know conclusively that many of these actions are being facilitated by politically and financially highly effective people, authorities, and company organizations who perennially keep away from being delivered to account for his or her actions because of their affluence and affect.

Included in the courtroom proceedings of the first Judicial Fee of the Tribunal have been highly effective testimonies from victims who suffered unimaginable horrors as youngsters being sexually abused and trafficked by way of this highly effective world-wide pedophilia community that sexually trafficks youngsters, a human trafficking community that brings in extra income than the trafficking of weapons and medicine.

Throughout the opening Plenary Session, Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer, gave maybe the greatest abstract of the objective of Tribunal’s Judicial Fee, which has been condensed right into a 15 minute video:

A partial transcript:

As a dad or mum and as a patriot I’ve been outraged for a while by the clear and current hazard to society of pedopredation (pedophilia or paedophilia).

I acknowledge now that youngster torture, youngster homicide, and baby organ harvesting is an ‘accepted’ apply at the highest ranges of authorities, the NGO and multinational company sector, in addition to all through educational establishments and civil society.

This scourge persists as a result of it’s allowed to exist by the complicit authorities.

As a former spy and pioneer for Open Supply Intelligence (OSINT) I’ve labored with INTERPOL, EUROPOL, Scotland Yard, the FBI, and the nationwide intelligence and regulation enforcement providers or their representatives from over 66 nations.

What I’ve discovered, with out exception, is that they’re all staffed by good individuals trapped in dangerous methods – methods that aren’t allowed to correctly tackle this scourge – the multi-generational crime towards humanity often known as pedophilia.

Pedophilia – a ‘love for children’ – just isn’t an correct time period. There isn’t any love for youngsters manifest in any facet of youngster slavery, sexual abuse, torture, homicide, or physique harvesting.

Because of this the inaugural seating of the Fee of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse, at the behest of ITNJ Commissioner Carine Hutsebaut (a criminologist and psychotherapist) the time period ‘Pedopredation,’ has been designated as a extra applicable time period, together with the time period ‘pedosexual,’ for that appreciable sub-set abuses of youngsters outdoors the Satanic ritual community.

It’s critical to notice that many organizations that started off with the greatest of intentions – from the Boy Scouts to the day care facilities to United Nations help and improvement teams to Oxfam as the most up-to-date instance – seem to have been infiltrated by pedopredators.

By advantage of being in every day contact with the most weak members of society, our youngsters, many of the mandated organizations have, over time, attracted quite a few pedopredators to their ranks, and been compromised by their lack of correct vetting processes, in addition to additionally turning a deliberate blind eye to the transgressions of employees.

This needn’t be so if governments have been trustworthy and counterintelligence have been to be exercised. It seems to be a matter of coverage at the highest ranges of international management to show a blind eye to pedopredation and pedosexuality.

It seems that pedopredation – together with the attendant torture and homicide of infants to supply adrenalized blood by way of ritual Satanic abuse – is in some instances thought-about an elite ‘privilege’ whereupon these echelons are permitted to follow such perversity with impunity.

There are two further causes for alarm.

First, there seems to be a deliberate marketing campaign by the elite to contaminate native, state (province) and nationwide police, prosecutors, and judges – from Australia to Zimbabwe – with a ‘taste’ for pedosexuality.

It’s used as each an initiation ceremony into the Deep State and Shadow Authorities, and as a foundation for blackmail.

Worse, we at the moment are seeing two horrible developments: one towards abusing and murdering youngsters earlier than they study to talk (they can’t bear witness); and the different, maybe introduced again by US forces from Afghanistan, the mixture of warfare canine and toddlers in a devastating mixture of baby rape and bestiality – canine raping youngsters for movies to be bought.

Add to this the rising market in fetuses, the most prized being these delivered on the flooring as half of a Satanic ritual, and one has an inkling of the biggest evil on the planet.

Second, it has turn out to be clear from our early inquiries with ample documentation, that each the household courts and the insolvency courts are getting used to strip youngsters from households to transform the youngsters right into a commodity that may be bought for money, and are additionally getting used to strip belongings from rich people who aren’t half of the Deep State community.

Governments are complicit in youngster and asset stripping, which might not happen if registrars, legal professionals (barristers), and judges have been held accountable. False claims and paperwork abound, and in their tolerated existence, problem the legitimacy of the authorities.

ENOUGH! The aim of the Fee is to do what has not been executed earlier than: to doc the precise totality of lacking youngsters annually (preliminary estimates but to be documented are eight million a yr, or 22,000 a day); and additionally to doc what occurs to those youngsters as soon as they’re ingested into the native to international pedopredation community of networks.

The typical lifespan of a toddler as soon as in the pedopredation (pedophilia or paedophilia) system is estimated by some to be two years — these being groomed for ‘leadership’ roles that perpetuate pedosexuality in any respect ranges stay for much longer.

Tribunal Censored by the Company “Mainstream” Media – Public Largely Unaware of the Child Sex Trafficking Problem

David Seaman

David Seaman is the journalist who wrote about “Pizzagate” exposing youngster trafficking from the leaked Podesta emails, and was subsequently fired by the Huffington Publish. Testimony right here.

The primary assembly of the Judicial Fee occurred in Westminster, London on April 16-18th 2018.

Well being Influence Information stumbled upon the ITNJ web site when investigative reporter John P. Thomas was researching materials for his collection of articles on pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church. See:

The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves

Although this occasion occurred many months in the past, it apparently has not been reported on in the company “mainstream” media, as is to be anticipated, however the occasion apparently is just not well-known to the various media both.

The work of the Tribunal and the Judicial Fee continues right here at the finish of 2018, and it’s our hope that our readership and others in the various media will share this info far and extensive exposing what’s the most evil enterprise in the world at present.

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele states that the Tribunal and Judicial Fee’s objective is to teach the public, to not attempt or convict criminals (see video above):

This can be a courtroom of inquiry. It’s not an adversarial courtroom, it’s a non-profit instructional occasion.

One of the most fantastic issues that this courtroom might obtain, now that we have now had “pizzagate,” for instance, which opened individuals’s minds, is we might obtain a gap of the public’s thoughts.

Governments are letting us all down. And I completely agree with the Commissioner who brings ahead the have to the sovereignty of “we the people.”

As a result of governments have grow to be not solely bureaucratized, however they’re now the servants of the deep state, of the banks.

And whereas we aren’t a regulation enforcement fee, we will in reality flip info over to regulation enforcement.

The middle of gravity for taking down the deep state, pedophilia is each the induction glue, pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls individuals.

It’s also the Achilles heel of the deep state.

I consider that when the public realizes that the authorities shouldn’t be defending their youngsters, at a scale of vulnerability that we will articulate, then every part else about the authorities known as into query.

So for me this can be a really righteous endeavor.

I’ll finish by saying that as a lot good as it’d do to get the British indignant, for me the middle of gravity for change is the American public.

As a result of if you will get the American public indignant, we’ll cease supporting dictators abroad, and we’ll shut all of our army bases abroad.

I’m on report as a former CIA operations officer saying that our thousand bases abroad are usually not there for nationwide protection, they’re there to function lily pads for the smuggling of weapons, gold, money, medicine, and young children.

Exposing Police Involvement and Cowl-up of Child Sex Trafficking

One of the most revealing and compelling testimonies given to the Fee was from former Scotland Yard Police detective Jon Wedger who specialised in baby abuse investigations.

As a CID officer he found youngster intercourse trafficking networks reaching to highest ranges of the police division, native authorities, and even the BBC, which led to an unbiased Police Complaints Fee delving into the depths of police involvement.

Makes an attempt to silence him failed, even after he was threatened by his superiors that he would lose his job, his youngsters, and his residence if he didn’t shut up.

When requested by Chief Counsel Robert David Steele why he hadn’t been killed, he replied:

Jesus loves me. Hopefully I’ve acquired a number of extra years. I’ve acquired a job to do.

One of my saving graces, and it didn’t meant to occur…. I truly did an interview with the UK column with a person referred to as Brian Garish and he stated it was too scorching to deal with and put it out on-line, and I assumed “Oh my God, what’s he done.”

However it truly saved me.

So the various media actually did assist me.

Watch the complete testimony in the video above.

Sufferer Testimonies

Ronald Bernard

One of the most superb sufferer testimonies given at the Judicial Fee was that of former Dutch Banker Ronald Bernard, who suffered by way of horrible sexual abuse as a toddler, and then turned an abuser himself whereas working his method up into the elite sections of the international banking business.

Bernard claims that there are about 8000 to 8500 leaders in the banking business that management most of the affairs of this world. He was on his approach to turning into one of them, till they requested him to sacrifice a reside child.

His testimony, like different survivor testimonies, will disturb you.

Once I searched different info relating to Bernard, I discovered information studies stating he had been killed in Florida for exposing some of the inside workings of the secret society referred to as the “Illuminati.”

But right here he’s in 2018 giving testimony at the Tribunal’s Judicial Fee, little question at nice danger to his life in bringing this info to the public.

Watch the video above.

Jay Parker

Jay Parker grew up in a multi-generational household concerned in the Illuminati secret society, courting again to the 1700s. As a toddler he was a sufferer of Satanic ritual abuse. His mom taught him that 12% of America is generational satanic.

When my mom in 63 advised me that 12% of America is generational satanic, I actually discovered it arduous to consider.

We went to common church, and then of course in the afternoon we went to Church of the Marquee of Hell.

However when you might have a society the place 800,000 youngsters are disappearing a yr, like right here in America, and its not even in the media, its not mentioned in any respect besides amongst people who find themselves researching the baby trafficking and the horrific abuse that’s happening from these darkish occult….. Can I say that we’re in an insane place right here?

I imply, that is madness. 17 and a half million individuals dying of most cancers as a result of the remedy is banned by the corruption of the pharmaceutical corporations controlling the governments.

That is genocide, and but we’re placing up with it.

His experience as we speak is in therapeutic modalities, and overcoming what he describes as the Satanic brainwashing that occurs throughout the first six years of life.

As an insider rising up in the Illuminati, he has a lot info to share about thoughts management and how the elite in the Illuminati management tradition via the media, academia, the leisure business, and so on.

He claims that this management over individuals’s minds is what permits 800,000 youngsters to go lacking annually in the U.S. and nobody even bothers to query this.

Nevertheless, Parker believes individuals are starting to get up to the fact.

Watch the video above.

Kristy Allen

The video of Kristy Allen’s testimony might be the most-viewed video from the Westminster hearings.

Kristy was a sufferer of Satanic ritual sexual abuse as a toddler. However for a lot of her life, she didn’t keep in mind it.

Her father was a member of the Mormon Church, and was recruited by the army. He himself was reportedly a sufferer of baby abuse as properly.

Kristy reveals how their household was affected by thoughts management via the MK Extremely program, which prevented her from remembering something about the sexual abuse for years. Her and her siblings have been allegedly chosen for covert army operations as youngsters.

Kristy ultimately started to recollect some of her childhood reminiscences the place she was regularly raped and abused, and is in the course of of therapeutic.

Watch her testimony in the video above.

Why is Well being Impression Information Publishing this Info?

I began Well being Influence Information in 2011 to share with the public truths I used to be studying about well being which are routinely censored in the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media.

My very own religious awakening to the fact started in 1979 once I dedicated my life to Jesus Christ, and could be learn right here.

In 1998 my household and I moved to the Philippines for a number of years, and it was there that I researched the fact about fat and oils, seeing first-hand how wholesome the older era of Filipinos in the rural areas have been when consuming such giant quantities of saturated fats by way of coconut oil, which was nearly banned in the U.S. as a result of the Authorities’s dietary insurance policies which condemned (and nonetheless do!) saturated fat.

I shortly discovered that highly effective company forces managed dietary insurance policies to advertise the sale of sure meals and medicine worldwide the place the U.S. dominated the world market.

As I started to publish the fact about coconut oil and how wholesome it was, whereas at the similar time beginning to export a pure type of virgin coconut oil to the U.S. produced by conventional strategies, the public started to get up to the fact about the well being advantages of coconut oil and the lies being revealed about saturated fat in basic.

I used to be using the energy of the Web, taking the fact on to the public.

Little did I do know at the moment that I used to be bumping right into a mutli-billion greenback drug business promoting cholesterol-lowering statin medicine that trusted this false dietary philosophy that condemned saturated fat.

The FDA got here after us for promoting “unapproved drugs” as we have been making well being claims for coconut oil, publishing peer-reviewed research and buyer testimonials.

We spent appreciable assets on authorized recommendation to discover ways to market our merchandise with out violating FDA legal guidelines, which necessitated that we hold all of the details about the well being advantages of coconut oil and another pure, non-patentable product we have been promoting, off of the web sites the place these merchandise have been bought.

This was the genesis of Well being Influence Information, which initially began out at the place we publish the fact about coconut oil.

I started to publish a lot about the pharmaceutical business and its collusion with the U.S. authorities, notably on the vaccine subjects, which at this time are our most-read subjects, notably the HPV Gardasil vaccine and the scandals surrounding it.

In 2014, we began, documenting how the authorities routinely takes youngsters away from good houses and good mother and father for causes aside from true youngster abuse, and successfully trafficks these youngsters via the present foster care system the place the majority of them are abused and closely drugged whereas beneath state care.

What we discovered at the finish of 2014 and into 2015 really shocked us, and destroyed a lot of my perception in the ideas of freedom and liberty in the United States.

I nonetheless consider that the Structure of the United States is probably one of the biggest paperwork ever written in the historical past of mankind, however the values of human rights that it represents are routinely ignored or violated every single day throughout this nation – and perhaps all the time have been.

We started to research why so many youngsters have been being taken out of houses and put into foster care, and have documented these causes at, together with scores of tales of horrible injustices carried out to youngsters and mother and father.

One of the causes that we knew was behind youngsters being taken away from good mother and father, was the youngster sex-trafficking drawback and the rising drawback of pedophilia. (Learn our tales on that topic right here.)

Earlier this yr as many U.S. State Lawyer Common workplaces started issuing indictments towards pedophile Catholic clergymen and leaders in the Catholic church abusing youngsters, we determined to provide extra publicity to this drawback.

It was throughout this analysis that we got here throughout The International Tribunal for Pure Justice and their Judicial Fee of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse in London earlier this yr.

If this matter disturbs you, good! It ought to.

The ITNJ has accomplished the world an excellent service in exposing this, and we encourage you to share this info with as many individuals as you possibly can.

As a result of the first step in fixing this horrific drawback of youngster intercourse abuse trafficking and ritualistic murders is acknowledging that this drawback truly exists, and that the fact will NOT be discovered in the corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media.

800,000 youngsters in U.S. go lacking annually, and eight million worldwide.

Now that you already know the fact, you’re both half of the drawback in permitting it to proceed, or you’re half of the answer in exposing this to everybody you’ll be able to, and risking the scorn you’ll have to endure as a “conspiracy theorist,” “idiot,” or no matter different identify the brainwashed plenty will name you for exposing this fact.

He referred to as slightly baby and had him stand amongst them. And he stated: “I inform you the fact, until you modify and turn out to be like little youngsters, you’ll by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.

Subsequently, whoever humbles himself like this youngster is the biggest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a bit youngster like this in my identify welcomes me.

But when anybody causes one of these little ones who consider in me to sin, it might be higher for him to have a big millstone hung round his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
(Matthew 18:2-6)

I’m sending you out like sheep amongst wolves. Subsequently be as shrewd as snakes and as harmless as doves.

Be in your guard towards males; they’ll hand you over to the native councils and flog you in their synagogues.

On my account you’ll be introduced earlier than governors and kings as witnesses to them and to the Gentiles.

However once they arrest you, don’t worry about what to say or tips on how to say it. At the moment you’ll be given what to say, for it won’t be you talking, however the Spirit of your Father talking by way of you.

Brother will betray brother to dying, and a father his baby; youngsters will insurgent towards their mother and father and have them put to dying.

All males will hate you as a result of of me, however he who stands agency to the finish might be saved.
(Matthew 10:16-22)

Study extra about the The International Tribunal for Pure Justice right here:

Copyright 2018 Well being Influence Information. Permission granted to republish in full. Hyperlinks again appreciated.

Revealed on December 2, 2018

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